Annual Requirements

All registered student organizations are required to:

  • Submit annual re-registration on Wildcat Connection to maintain eligibility of their recognized status by Northwestern University for the following academic year
  • Complete Canvas modules on key topics concerning campus privileges, policies, resources, and opportunities.
  • Below are updated lists of progress in each Canvas course arranged alphabetically by student org name. If you need to enroll a new individual on behalf of your organization, please send an email to: with "Canvas Enrollment Request" in the subject line. if your organization has 100 listed as the final score in all 5 Canvas modules and an approved Wildcat Connection registration, your organization is registered for the 2019-20 Academic year.
Information about these requirements is sent via Wildcat Connection to student group presidents and finance officers. Make sure your group doesn't miss out by visiting your organization's page on Wildcat Connection, reviewing the roster, and making sure the contact info for your roster members is accurate and up-to-date. This document provides information on how to update your organization's Wildcat Connection officers and roster.

In addition to annual re-registration, representatives of groups may be required to attend specific trainings or informational sessions throughout the year or complete virtual training sessions by specific deadlines.
All groups must also have an up-to-date constitution available for prospective and current members to review. The document can be stored and published on the organization's Wildcat Connection page in the 'Docs' section.


SOA works with student group representatives to ensure this process covers university requirements as well as solicits helpful data to share back with student organization representatives. The registration process is completed by student group representatives on Wildcat Connection. Groups who submit registration on-time experience no interruption of their registered status privileges and receive preference for table location at the all-organization fair.


All undergraduate student organizations recognized as official Northwestern student organizations by the university, whether they receive ASG funding or not. A student representative must complete the registration in the Wildcat Connection platform (not the advisor). Greek letter organizations who are part of the four social councils (IFC, MGC, NPHC, and PHA) and residence-based organizations do not need to complete this process for 2019-20. Groups that are departmentally-sponsored (e.g. have an administrator use a chart string for expenses rather than a SOFO account, are advised by a professional on the group's topic, etc.) may have to re-register if the advisor requires it.



Registration is open now. Groups who miss the spring submission deadline or fail to complete Canvas modules may have future space reservations cancelled, SOFO accounts frozen, and eligibility to participate in the fall organization fair withheld.


Registration provides students with access to the following privileges (students must still meet individual requirements to obtain each privilege):

  • Reserve space at Norris and Satellite Venues (Cahn, Ryan Auditorium, Shanley) at the lowest unit rate available: typically free
  • Applying for office space in Norris
  • Reserve classroom space via the Registrar’s Office online platform
  • Obtain/maintain Northwestern Plan-It Purple events calendar
  • Access SOFO account
  • Reserve a table for the Fall/Winter Student Organization Fairs and Spring Wildcat Days fair for prospective students
  • Reserve outdoor marketing space
  • Applying to Campus Life/ Student Organizations & Activities grants
  • Applying for ASG funding
  • Applying for McCormick funding (McCormick sponsored groups)


Re-register on Wildcat Connection by taking the following steps:

  • Login to Wildcat Connection
  • Click on “Organizations” Click on “Search” to open search bar and find your org.
  • Click “Register This Organization” below your org. / Click "manage organization" in the upper right corner. A prompt should show whether the group needs to complete registration.
  • Complete all required steps

For more information please email Joe Lattal.