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We have an idea for a campaign but we’re not ready to submit a request, what should we do?

If you have an idea but need guidance on how to bring it to life, we welcome you to book a brainstorm meeting with the team! During this consultation we can learn more about your idea and help guide it to fruition.

How long does the design process take?

Each project is unique, and have their own timelines tailored to the scale and scope of the project. New campaigns usually take two months to complete. Smaller requests and updates can usually be completed within two weeks. To ensure your campaign launches on time, we recommend submitting the request, a quarter before it’s due date. 

When should I use the Rolling Request From vs. Quarterly Request Form?

The Rolling Request Form is intended to catch the smaller requests that fall outside of the Quarterly Request Form. Acceptance for the rolling request form is based solely on the design team’s availability. The Quarterly Request Form is intended to field all large campaigns and request intended for the next quarter.  

When are the request forms open?

The Rolling Request Form is open all year long. The Quarterly Request Form will open once each quarter, and will remain open for approximately three weeks. 

Who will handle my request? Full-time staff, or student staff?

Our design team is currently comprised of one full-time designer and student designers. Often your request will be handled our talented student designers or team or student designers. Larger projects that geared towards an external audience, will be handled by our full-time staff. 

Who will handle printing production?

Once your deliverables have been approved, you have the option to print your own materials or ask for Student Affairs Marketing to help assist with printing!  

How are printing payments handled?

Most of our preferred and external vendors do not except Chart string. Printing payments will have to be processed with a Pro Card or alternative card payment. 

How will we receive our printed items?

If you choose to have Student Affairs Marketing assist with printing, often time you can have your materials delivered to you for an extra fee or arrange to pick them up from the printer.