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Payroll and Taxes

Student employees are paid for hours worked and receive a bi-monthly paycheck. Wages are not applied to a student’s tuition invoice. Students are strongly encouraged to set up Direct Deposit. If there is a problem with your paycheck, you and your supervisor should contact University Payroll (847-491-7362). 

Recording Hours

Students are responsible for recording their hours in the timekeeping system by stated deadlines. 
  • If your department uses a timekeeping clock, swipe in and out of each shift with your WildCARD. If edits are required, notify your supervisor prior to 5 p.m. CST on the second Friday of the pay period (unless otherwise notified). 
  • All other student employees must record their hours in the WFS Timekeeping, Northwestern’s timekeeping system, by 5 p.m. CST on the second Friday of the pay period (unless otherwise notified). When finished, click Approve. To make edits prior to the timecard submission deadline, click Remove Approval. 

Timecard Falsification

Falsification of a timesheet by a student is a serious offense. In addition to immediate termination from your position as noted, the matter will also be referred to Student Affairs for appropriate disciplinary action. FWS students may be subject to additional consequences.  


Student employment earnings are taxable by both the state and federal governments however, Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA) are exempt on wages earned during academic terms in which the student is enrolled at least half-time. 

Earnings Statements 

Northwestern Payroll mails W-2 forms to students at the end of January. Students should contact the Payroll Office (847-491-7362) if no W-2 is received by February 15th. Starting with the 2024-25 year, Payroll is also required to report all FWS wage earnings to the US Department of Education for FAFSA application renewals.