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Most students earn between $14.00 and $20.00 per hour. The average hourly wage rate is $15.90/hour.

Minimum Wage

The current minimum wage in Evanston is $14.00 per hour (effective January 1, 2024)

The current minimum wage in Chicago is $15.80 per hour (effective July 1, 2023). 

Wage Groups and Pay Ranges 

Student employees are part of the Biweekly Temporary (BIT) pay group, however, they have their own salary wage groups that are indicative of general minimum (Group A), moderate (Group B), or maximum (Group C) responsibilities, skills, experience, or difficulty necessary for any specific student job title. Adherence to the wage groups and pay ranges ensures fair and equitable wages among similar roles across the university. Supervisors, however, may use their discretion to determine the appropriate hourly wage for their student employees based on their specific job duties and responsibilities and in consideration of their overall department budget. For FWS student employees, higher wages may result in a student reaching their earnings limit earlier in the academic year.  

Student Wages 2023-2024

Wages 2023-2024


Student Wages 2023-34 

Group A 

Group B 

Group C 


$14.00 - $16.00 

$15.00 - $17.50 

$16.00 - $19.00 


$15.80 - $17.80 

$16.80 - $19.30 

$17.80 - $20.80 

Pay Increases

  • Merit and longevity pay increases are at the supervisor’s discretion, however, we do suggest a $.05 hourly pay increase for each quarter of continuous service.
  • The combined merit and longevity pay increase added to the base salary should, ideally, not exceed the range of the job level listed above.  
  • Supervisors and students have a one-on-one performance review conversation at the end of the academic year with increases in effect for the following year.