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Required Hiring Forms

Students should NOT be in the workplace training, shadowing, or working before being authorized to work. Job injuries incurred before employment authorization from Northwestern Human Resources are not covered by Workers’ Compensation. The hiring department is liable for all incurred workplace injuries reported if a person begins working before being legally authorized to work.  

Refer to the table below for required hiring documents:

Summary of Hiring Forms
Document Responsible Party Due Frequency Notes
HR & Payroll Requirements I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Student Sections 1 & 2 must be completed prior to 1st day of employment! First time hires and select re-hires

Students must bring their Section 2 document(s) to a Northwestern Human Resource Service Center:

  • 1800 Sherman Ave, Evanston Campus
  • 710 N Lake Shore Drive, Room 150, Chicago Campus
Personal Data Form Student Prior to 1st day of employment

New hires, re-hires ( if employment record was terminated), or if a student needs to update their personal information. 

See more.

Provide to supervisor

(*Off-campus student employees, see notes)

Human Resources Temporary Employee Request Form (OnBase)  Supervisor  Must be submitted and processed by HR prior to 1st day of employment New hires and re-hires (if employment record was terminated)

*See guidance section below this table.

The student's I-9 MUST be completed prior to submitting the OnBase form.

  • Attach the Personal Data Form
  • Attach the IL W4 (optional) 
Other/ Optional Tax Withholding forms Student Prior to 1st day of employment If the student needs to update their state tax withholdings  Provide to supervisor if submitting
Direct Deposit Student If the student needs to update bank account information Work-study earnings are NOT applied through CAESAR tuition invoices
Department or University Confidentiality Agreement Student TBD according to hiring department TBD according to hiring department

If the position will handle private or sensitive information, a signed confidentiality agreement should be kept in the employer's records.  

On Base Temporary Employee Request Form Completion Guidance

  • Pay special attention to the Temp Employee Type box. Your selection pre-populates the account code in the Funding Detail section.
    • Selecting “Student Temp (not Work-Study)” indicates the student’s wages will be paid 100% from your department budget using account code 60120, Regular Temp Wages. This should be selected if you know the student is not eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) or does not want to be paid FWS wages, and you are agreeable.
    • Likewise, select “Student Work-Study Temp” if you wish to pay the student with FWS wages, on account code 60122. Confirm with the student regarding their FWS eligibility status and/or if they want to be paid FWS wages prior to selecting this option. Note, although the Funding Detail section indicates 100% funding, your department only contributes 25% of the student's wages each pay period. 
      • If you elected “Student Work-Study Temp” but the individual is not FWS eligible, the Work-Study Program will contact the supervisor to address the issue.
      • Historically, HR DeptIDs ending in -98 were used to identify FWS students and that is still preferred.
  • Regardless of funding type, any of the 100+ student job titles may be selected.
  • Any necessary edits or record management should be performed by your area’s business administrator or Northwestern Human Resources after the employment record has been established.