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Overview of Student Employment

At Northwestern we care deeply for our students and their experience at NU and future success.

The Student Employment website and Student Employment Job Board were created with the objective of serving students and employers in all their student employment needs. This includes:

  • helping all students find campus-based employment
  • creating a space for employers to post both Federal Work-Study and non-work-study jobs
  • clarifying student and employer processes and policies
  • providing tips and best practices
  • sharing resources and referral sources
  • and providing effective and efficient streamlined information all without increasing the administrative burden on any office at Northwestern. 

Our Thanks 

Northwestern, unlike most colleges and universities, does not have a student employment office. Prior to 2023, there was no centralized posting website for students to find campus-based jobs. Yet, there was significant interest from both students and campus departments to create such a resource. A group of Northwestern Staff members came together to create this site to meet the student and departmental demand.

Without the work of Kristin Butnik  Work-Study Office, Jacob Wade and Vivi L. Matthews from Student Affairs IT, Jill M Norton from Student Affairs Marketing, and Mark Presnell from Northwestern Career Advancement, this site would not exist.  Because this effort is in addition to their normal responsibility, we appreciate your understanding in any delays in our ability to respond to email.