Who Can Use NUHS?

students dancing at a NU performance outdoors

You are eligible to use the Northwestern University Health Service (NUHS) if:

  • You are actively enrolled in a degree seeking program at Northwestern in a school other than the School of Professional Studies (SPS) and eligible for Northwestern's Student Health Insurance Program, or
  • You are a Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary student and have paid the quarterly Clinic Use Fee.

Additional Important Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible students may use NUHS throughout the current academic year (September 1st through August 31st).
  • Graduating students who have taken at least one class during the current academic year are eligible to use NUHS during the summer term immediately following graduation.
  • For the majority of new students, eligibility will begin on June 1st for Summer starts and September 1st for Fall starts.
  • Students on formal leave from the University prior to the beginning of the academic year may use NUHS services if they present an official letter approving such leave.
  • Eligibility to use NUHS services is not based on your health insurance plan.

Please refer to the NUHS Resources and Partners Web page for more specific information on the scope of available healthcare resources and services.

Last revised: May 6, 2016