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To create a table:

    1. Place your cursor wherever you wish to place the table. Click the Table dropdown.

      highlighted table option in WYSIWYG. Shows a table with 3 rows and 6 columns
    2. Next, select the desired number of rows and columns by moving your mouse over the grid.
    3. Once you insert the table, right click in the first row and go to Cell-->Cell Properties and change the Cell Type to Header Cell.

      Table cell properties option showing general tab
    4. Right click anywhere in the table to see the options to modify a table. You will find options to add or delete rows/columns, merge cells or delete table.
    5. You can now add the content in table cells. Since the templates are responsive, the table cells will take up the size of the content.
    6. After you are done editing table content, select the table and choose Table properties from Table menu in the WYSIWYG toolbar. 

    7. In "Table properties" pop up, check  Caption field and click Ok

      If your site is in V3 template, a blank caption field will be added to the bottom of the table. If the site is in V2 template, it will be added right above the table.

    8. Enter a title for your table in the caption field. This step is needed for accessibility.