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Academic N

The academic N can be used in cases where placing the entire wordmark is impossible, such as social media applications. Additionally, the academic N can be used as a design element. Taken from the University wordmark, the academic N has been made slightly bolder.

Always use the supplied artwork when placing the academic N. Never take the N directly from the wordmark.

Download N files (.zip)

Guidelines for Using the N


The academic N can be white or purple.


In most cases, the white academic N should be used over a field of purple or placed in a purple color block. In social media applications, the N may be placed on a photo or subtle background pattern to be customized for the audience or organization it represents. The purple academic N can be used on a white background. When used on a dark gray or black background, the academic N may be outlined in white.

image of pullover sweater


When used as a design element the academic N can be used in tandem with the Northwestern wordmark; however the academic N cannot be used at 100% opacity.  DO NOT lockup up the academic N with the Northwestern wordmark.

image of view book cover and banner

DO NOT lockup up the academic N with the Northwestern wordmark.
     Example of how not to lockup Northwestern and N

Size and Exclusion Zones

Always be sure the N is legible and clear. There are no size or clear space limitations for the academic N but never allow the N to touch the outside of its container.

Customizing the N

Your brand (or subbrand) name should always appear in Akkurat Pro Regular, close to the icon when used as a social media icon. The academic N and your brand should be in white on a Northwestern purple background. Do not place a horizontal rule underneath the academic N above your brand name. The brand name should not appear bigger than the academic N. We have created templates to give a start to customizing your N.

download templates


Academic N examples