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The Slash

How can you use the Slash? 

The "N" Slash

Nodding to its origin, the slash can be used within the “N” letterform it’s derived from. In these cases, its use is most successful when the vertical stems of the “N” are incorporated subtly. For example, below, the stems of the “N” are debossed, while the slash itself is die-cut.


Primarily, the slash is used to connect two pieces of information together. Those things could be different majors, different locations, different theories, different job titles and more. It should emphasize the multidimensional people and the collaboration that happens here at Northwestern.


Used in layers to crop photos and add subtle design detail, the slash can be used as a supergraphic to add interest to compositions. It works best when it bleeds off the page, in multiple layers. This technique should be used sparingly.

Download the .ai files