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Substitute Fonts

Need an alternative font choice for a project?

Our brand fonts may not always be available for use in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other digital applications.  This page is to be used as a guide when making decisions on how to apply these font substitutes.

A table with brand fonts and substitute font names
Brand Font Substitute Fonts
Akkurat Light Arial Regular
Akkurat Light Italic Arial Italic
Akkurat Regular Arial Regular
Akkurat Regular Italic Arial Italic
Akkurat Bold Arial Bold
Akkurat Bold Italic Arial Bold Italic
Periodico Light Georgia Regular
Periodico Light Italic Georgia Italic
Periodico Regular Georgia Regular
Periodico Regular Italic Georgia Italic
Periodico Medium Georgia Bold
Periodico Medium Italic Georgia Italic
Periodico Semi Bold Georgia Bold
Periodico Semi Bold Italic Georgia Italic
Periodico Bold Georgia Bold