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Secondary Palette

Although our color system is monochromatic, in certain instances, another color may need to be used.

For those circumstances, we have developed this set of secondary colors. These colors should be used rarely and sparingly. Under no circumstances should any of them become the predominant color for a school, center, institute or department.



Example Palettes

The following examples break down the secondary color palette to show how color combinations can be used successfully. Each is different but still should be used in extremely limited instances, in the ways described in this document. The primary palette should always be predominant.

Note: A strip of Northwestern Purple is included in each of these palettes. It is there only as reference to see how it works with the secondary colors. It is not indicative of the proper ratio of use between the colors.



The best uses for colors of the secondary palette are for items that require differentiation, for example, within charts and graphs, or for updates or callout buttons in digital applications.