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Visual Identity

The symbols that define us

Visuals are a powerful way to engage and create connection.

Visual elements like colors, fonts, and graphics are the building blocks to our brand story and personality. The pages in this section provide guidelines for each. 

Logos and Lockups

Browse Northwestern's logo and lockup system. This includes the Northwestern N, official University wordmark and school lockups.

Fonts and Typography

Campton and Akkurat Pro are our sans-serif fonts. Periodico Display and Text is our serif font. In instances when brand fonts cannot be used, please use one of our substitute fonts.


Access the print or web version of these fonts

Wondering how to combine these visual elements of our brand in a successful way?

Download brand kits to see how design elements can be combined to create a different looks. To get additional design guidance on how to apply the brand on various platforms, view the Applying the Brand section.