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Valerie Wolf

Valerie Wolf headshot

Valerie manages Drop-In Peer Tutoring as well as the Navigating Northwestern Academics programs.

A recent graduate of Northwestern’s M.S. in Higher Education Administration and Policy program, Valerie has 10 years of experience teaching high school and college level English courses. She is excited to now work with the remarkable students of her alma mater. Valerie holds a B.A. in English from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and an M.A. in English from DePaul University. Since graduating from undergrad, her focus is in helping students achieve their academic goals and supporting them through that journey. 


  • What is most meaningful to you about your work?
    • I love the impact that ASLA has on students at Northwestern. I work with the Peer Leaders, but they connect to a much larger number of the students through their work. Knowing that I help provide a space for students to be comfortable studying with others and to help them in their academic pursuits is why I come to work every day.
  • What’s some advice you would give to your college-age self? 
    • The effort you put into something impacts what you get out of it. Not every class is going to be your dream class, but part of the fun of college is learning and trying your best.
  • What is a prior life experience that you draw on in your work?
    • I used to teach college composition, and with a wide range of students and issues I encountered in that role, that has helped me learn how to approach situations individually and without assumptions. It helped me become a better listener and problem solver.
  • What’s something you enjoy when you’re not at work?
    • Outside of work, I like to sit in the sun and read a good book or read a book to someone else, usually my kids :)