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Northwestern University

Payment Methods

The following methods of payment for deposits, tuition bills and 9PAY payment plan installments are available for domestic currency:

ePay through QuikPAY®

The QuikPAY® ePay service allows students and their guests to make convenient and secure electronic payments from checking or savings accounts of banks located in the U.S. and credit cards. Please contact your bank or credit union if you need help determining your bank's routing number or your account number.

The account and routing number on the bottom of a check.

Credit cards accepted by Northwestern are American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA. Note that while there will be a 2.75% service fee for all credit card payments, there is no service fee for eCheck payments.

You may make payments online regardless of whether you are receiving an electronic or paper bill. A payment receipt will automatically be provided. Payment records for newly admitted student deposits, the tuition and fees invoice and the 9PAY plan are kept separately.

Please Note: Allow 2 business days for electronic payments via CAESAR.

To make a deposit for tuition or housing

Newly admitted students and any guests they have added can make a deposit for tuition or housing via CAESAR.

  • Log in to CAESAR 
  • Go to Home  >  Make Deposit for Tuition / Housing

For more information, see the Student Enterprise Systems website for step-by-step instructions for making tuition and housing deposit payments in CAESAR.

To view or pay a tuition bill

Students and any guests they have added can view and/or pay a tuition bill via CAESAR.

  • Log in to CAESAR 
  • Go to Home  >  View or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot)

See the Student Enterprise System website for more detailed instructions for viewing and paying tuition bills.

To make a 9PAY installment plan payment

Students and any guests they have added can make 9PAY payments via CAESAR.

  • Log in to CAESAR
  • Go to Home  >  Make 9PAY Payment to securely schedule your 9PAY payments as direct debits from your bank account

Check or money order

Checks and money orders (in U.S. dollars from U.S. banks) should be made payable to Northwestern University. The student's name and WildCARD (Northwestern ID card) number must also be included. The cancelled check will serve as your receipt (To request a receipt displaying the University seal, contact the Office of Student Accounts). Postdated checks will not be honored.

You may pay by mail or in person. Please allow 5 business days for payments by mail.

The Evanston campus Depository Services office is located at 619 Clark Street. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday though Friday. map it

The Chicago campus Depository Services office is located at 120 Abbott Hall, 710 Lake Shore Drive. It is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. map it

Standard payment

In order for your payment by mail to arrive by the payment due date, allow five working days for mail delivery. Mail your payment with the remittance portion of your invoice to:

Northwestern University
P.O. Box 70385
Chicago, IL 60673

Paying without an invoice or late payment

If you do not have an invoice or if your payment is in danger of arriving late via regular mail service, mail your payment to:

Northwestern University
Office of Student Accounts
555 Clark St., 1st Floor
Evanston, IL 60208-1221


Northwestern University
Office of Student Accounts
710 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611-3078

9PAY payment

Mail your 9PAY installment plan payment with your 9PAY coupon to:

Northwestern University
9PAY Account Payment
P.O. Box 70537
Chicago, IL 60673-1221

You may pay in person and receive a receipt by presenting your payment and the top portion of your invoice, to one of the university Depository Services offices.

Northwestern has partnered with Flywire to streamline tuition payments with international currency. Tuition can be paid from any country, any bank and most foreign currencies, with excellent foreign exchange rates, backed by a best price guarantee. The progress of a payment in the transfer process may be tracked via the Flywire dashboard. The payer is notified via email when the payment is received by Northwestern.

See Identity Protection for examples of common tactics used by fraudsters and scammers.

To pay a tuition bill using international currency

Students and any guests they have added can view and/or pay a tuition bill via CAESAR with international currency and the received payment will automatically post to the student's account.

  • Log in to CAESAR 
  • Go to Home  >  View or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot)  >  Make Payment
    • Enter the Payment Amount in U.S. dollars
    • Select Payment Method "Flywire International payment"
    • Click Continue
  • From the following page, International Wire Transfer:
    • Click Make Payment; the payment session continues to the Flywire website
    • Complete Flywire's step-by-step instructions for sending the payment from your local bank to a nearby Intermediary Bank or Beneficiary Bank designated to receive funds on behalf of Flywire
  • Go to Home  >  View or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot)  >  Transaction History to see the progress of an international payment
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