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Office of Student Accounts

As the department responsible for billing and collecting tuition, board and room charges, and University fees, Northwestern's Office of Student Accounts handles more than 24,000 student accounts each year.

Financial Aid Offices

If you have questions about your financial aid, contact your school or department's Financial Aid Office.

Student Loans Office

As the department responsible for lending and servicing student loans, student loan representatives at the Office of Student Loans can answer questions regarding obligations or privileges under your loans, or any problems making your scheduled payment.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services counselors are available via phone, e-mail, or in person to discuss your questions concerning student accounts, billing and payments, financial aid and student loans. Though the counselors will be able to respond directly to many of your inquiries, at times we may find it necessary to refer specific questions to colleagues in the Office of Student Accounts, the Student Loan Office, or other financial aid offices.

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