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Employer FAQs


*Last edited 3/4/22

COVID-19 Related

What are the COVID precautions for visitors to Northwestern, Evanston, and/or Chicago?

In consultation with the City of Evanston, the City of Chicago, and Northwestern Medicine, Northwestern University continues to provide timely guidance to all staff, students, faculty and community members.  As policies transition to reflect the current public health landscape, we encourage all visitors to our campus to review the Northwestern Covid-19 website and consult your Employer Relations Strategist for more information.

Will students be required to be vaccinated?

Yes, all staff, faculty, and students at Northwestern are required to be fully vaccinated (inclusive of a booster) or have a formally granted exemption.  For more information, please see the Northwestern COVID-19 website.

How will changes due to COVID-19 affect students' academic standing and GPA?

When considering student GPA’s please keep the following grading policy changes in mind:
Spring 2020 Quarter: Pass/No Pass grading only for all students.
2020-21 Academic Year: Credit/No Credit option offered to all students for a portion of their classes at their discretion. Credit/No Credit classes bear no impact on GPA nor do they comment on academic performance, but simply denote fulfillment of the requirements of the course.
2021- 22 Academic Year: University resumes traditional grading structure.

What are best practices for a remote internship?

Best practices for a remote internship are very similar to those for an in-person internship. We recommend making expectations clear to students starting with the work agreement. Be sure to include information on how they should be logging their hours, how many hours should be worked each week, who their supervisor will be and how many times they will be checking in, etc. It will also be important to note any equipment they will need or that which will be provided by the employer at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the internship so that students can feel prepared. Use the virtual onboarding process to set norms for connecting with students and uphold the guidelines for which they should be communicating during the summer. Provide an opportunity for the interns to connect with their peers before they start to help them build community amongst themselves so they feel comfortable with others that are in their shoes during this unprecedented time. Lastly, create opportunities for students to absorb the culture of your organization by interacting with those outside of their teams to help them extend their networks more broadly throughout the summer. Please see Handshake for additional helpful resources.

Our internship is now remote. Do international students require that we formally provide documentation of this change?

Our CPT process does not require any formal updates on the part of the employer if the work is now remote. CPT can also be amended after it is processed. Northwestern students with questions about their CPT requirements, or other questions pertaining to visa status or work authorization, should be directed to the Office of International Student Scholars.

Is study abroad permitted for Northwestern students?

Select study abroad programs resumed in the Fall 2021 quarter. Please review the Global Learning Office's COVID-19 Study Abroad FAQs page for the most up to date information on this topic.

For students who were not able to participate in an internship experience due to COVID-19, how are you advising students to talk about their canceled opportunities during interviews or on their resume?

NCA acknowledges both the current and long term impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our community. Student career progress was interrupted as various programs were canceled. In addition to canceled internships and truncated experiences, many students and their families were directly impacted by the virus itself. Students may include canceled opportunity details on their resumes or bring up the impact of the pandemic during an interview discussion. As a hiring organization, we ask that you consider all of these factors in context when evaluating students' resumes moving forward.

Virtual Recruiting

Are there recommended best practices for hosting a virtual event?

From large scale information sessions, to one-on-one coffee chats with a recruiter, many traditional recruiting events can be held virtually and are a great way to connect with students. For more tips on how to have an inclusive, accessible, and successful event, please visit NCA's Recruiting Guidelines (PDF).

Is there a preferred platform I should use for virtual interviews or events? Who is communicating with students?

We recommend that you use the preferred platform for your company. Please be sure to include an access link for students in the event description, or reach out to students individually for their interview times. If preferred, we can provide support in setting up your event via Zoom, and Norris Event Management is also available to support virtual events with tech services.

If I have questions on the virtual interview day, who should I contact?

Please reach out to your Employer Strategist or with any questions.

On Campus Recruiting

Can we host an in-person event or interview on campus?

NCA partners with employers on both in-person and virtual events throughout the academic year. As event guidelines are dynamic and a reflection of current safety protocols, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with your Employer Strategist to determine the right format and timing for your recruiting needs.

Does NCA host career treks?

NCA staff lead groups of students to various employers in Chicago and other major U.S. cities during the academic year. Site visits typically last a few hours and may include Q&As, panel/networking discussions, office tours, and other hands-on activities. Please contact your Employer Strategist to learn more about the treks and future opportunities to host Northwestern students.

What does corporate sponsorship include?

When you become a Corporate Sponsor with NCA, you are participating in the professional development of Northwestern students as well as promoting your brand identity, furthering your higher education outreach, and deepening your connection with our students and the broader Northwestern community. Details regarding the levels of sponsorship and the perks associated with each level can be found here.

How do I fill an immediate role?

In addition to utilizing Handshake, Northwestern Career Advancement offers resume book initiatives throughout the year. Also, employers who participate in our career fairs will receive books for students who are in attendance.

Career Fairs

When is the next NCA fair?

NCA is pleased to offer career fair opportunities throughout the academic year. More specific information around timing, pricing, and format of our next event will be available our Career Fairs page.

Offer & Policy Guidelines

What are Northwestern's offer guidelines at this time?

NCA kindly requests that all return offers extended at the conclusion of an internship are kept open for a period of three weeks from receipt of the formal offer. All other offers for an internship or full time employment are kept open for a period of two weeks. For a complete discussion, please visit NCA's Recruiting Guidelines.