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Review these instructions for applying to a pharmacy program.

Submitting Your Application

Many pharmacy degree programs participate in the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS). PharmD applicants should thoroughly review the PharmCAS Before You Apply section before starting their application.

Coursework Entry Instructions

PharmCAS Coursework instructions: 

  • Northwestern students must convert their Northwestern credit units to quarter hours for each Northwestern course they enter in the PharmCAS coursework section. One Northwestern credit = 4 quarter hours.
  • If a direct or supplemental application requires you to list your Northwestern coursework in terms of semester hours, use the following conversion: One Northwestern credit = 2.7 semester hours (if they require 2 decimals places, then one Northwestern credit = 2.66 semester hours). The Northwestern course unit conversion can always be found on the back page of your official Northwestern transcript.

Direct Applications

Non-PharmCAS schools require you to apply directly to their programs.

Supplemental Applications

Many PharmCAS participating schools may also require additional materials and supplemental applications sent directly to their institutions.


The majority of programs have deadlines in November, December, January and February for admission in the following fall. Some programs have early decision and/or rolling admissions.