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Getting Started

Review the tips and information below before starting the application process. 

Steps for Successful Application

  1. Meet with a pre-medicine advisor to discuss your credentials.

    Schedule this meeting well in advance of the beginning of the application process, preferably in your sophomore year. Your pre-med advisor will help you assess your academic and non-academic preparation and readiness for the application process.

    Stop by the HPA office and pick up our Applying to Medical School handout, which can help familiarize yourself with the application process and timeline.

    Health Professions Advising workshops can also help you with planning the timing and direction of your application. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

  2. Review the MSAR guide.

    The Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) guide is published annually and includes information on requirements and on selection factors for individual medical schools.  It's most helpful to know your science GPA (includes biology, chemistry, physics and math grades) and your MCAT score to determine how competitive you may be for specific medical schools.

  3. Identify your top-choice medical schools.

    Completing secondary applications takes time, so think carefully about the number of schools to which you will apply. See Choosing a Med School for factors to consider.

    Keep the following factors in mind when you identify schools:

    Public schools in your home state typically will give you preference as in-state resident.
    State residency is not a factor in admissions for more private schools, but there are exceptions. The MSAR's Acceptance/Matriculation table will be helpful to look at for this information.

  4. Initiate contact with recommenders early.

    Initiate contact with recommenders for your letters of recommendation in the winter/spring quarter prior to starting the application process in May/June.

  5. Apply early.

    Aim to submit your primary application between the first week of June to mid-July. Because most schools are on rolling admissions and start interviewing in the early fall, the timing of your application can be an important factor in admissions.