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Program Overview

Image of Northwestern Medical Glenview Outpatient Center at 2701 Patriot Blvd, Glenview, IL.

Selected applicants will be recruited from enrolled Northwestern sophomores, juniors and seniors with a demonstrated interest in exploring medicine as a career. We strongly encourage students identifying with groups underrepresented in medicine, first generation, Pell-eligible, and students with limited shadowing experience to apply.

Program participants will observe the practice of primary care at a Northwestern Medicine Group site, primarily at the Evanston Immediate Care Clinic in downtown Evanston. Participants will participate in surveys and engage with materials realting to their NU-CAP experience on a weekly basis, during the program period.

Students will be introduced to program organizers and administrators during the on-site orientation. Clinical and programmatic expectations, including HIPPA compliance, will be shared prior to students meeting their assigned preceptor (physician-mentor). Preceptor-student matches will be made over the duration of the program based on preceptor availability.

Unselected applicants are encouraged to apply again. Non-acceptance to the program is typically due to the limited number of places and not the quality of the applicant or application. As there are many other paths towards building clinical experiences, students exploring the pre-medical path should arrange to meet with their assigned HPA advisor to explore additional opportunities to gain clinical experiences.

Northwestern undergraduate students without an assigned HPA advisor should follow the process outlined here: Get Advising.