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Join the pre-health community and find hands-on learning experiences.

Getting hands-on experience in the health field is helpful for many reasons. Schools will be looking to see if you have experience when you apply. You can connect with others who have similar career interests as well as get a sense of what it would be like to work as a health professional.

How to Search for Experiences

  1. Get familiar with the different types of experiences that you'll need down the road.

    Learn the difference between clinical, research, and non-clinical experience and programs and what it means to medical and other health profession schools. Get an overview of types of experiences.

  2. Review current opportunities for getting hands-on experience.

    HPA continuously posts opportunities on this website. Use our opportunity finder tool to browse current hands-on experience listings.

  3. Browse resources for finding or making your own experiences.

    There are ways to create and discover your own hands-on experiences. Use the experience-finding resources section of this site to access searchable databases, lists of local hospitals/clinics, and more.

Get Involved With Student Groups

student minority group

There are many benefits to getting involved with pre-med or pre-health student groups. You'll have the opportunity to make connections with other students who share your academic interests. Additionally groups can help you with the application process.

Navigating the Experience Requirement

You might have questions related to how to get experience or what kind of experience is required for your pre-health track. Read frequently asked questions and their answers.