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Support for Wellness and Well-Being

Dear Students,

As we approach the end of the Spring Quarter, we know that many of you have navigated so much, including classes, research and work. The increased stress of this past year has been hard, and many of you are concerned about your friends, yourselves and the toll this cumulative stress has taken on the health and well-being of our Northwestern community. Some of you have reached out for help on behalf of yourself, supported friends and encouraged them to reach out, and found safe and creative ways to collectively care for one another. This type of care and concern is a hallmark of a strong community.

As students, you have many ways to connect at Northwestern—whether it is through your advisers, staff, professors, family members and/or fellow students. As we all collectively navigate these last weeks of the academic year, please remember that there are opportunities to reach out for connection, help and support.  

Remember, when you are overwhelmed and stressed, it can feel like you have no options. Reaching out for help when you need it takes courage and strength. If you find yourself struggling, please reach out to someone you trust – an adviser, parent, family member, friend, faculty member, staff member, student organization adviser, therapist or any of the resources we mention above. If you can’t think of whom to call, reach out to one of us. We want to help you find your way, and we genuinely care about you. 

We wish you a strong finish to the academic year and again ask that you find ways to take care of yourself as you work to take care of those around you.

With gratitude and care,

Julie Payne-Kirchmeier
Vice President for Student Affairs

Mona Dugo
Interim Dean of Students

Miriam Sherin
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education 

Kelly Mayo
Associate Provost for Graduate Education
Dean, The Graduate School