What is Stress?

This video explains how stress is felt in the body and what to do about it.

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Meditation Music by Anatolie Antoniu & Marin Nicoarã | Graphic Animation by Koyote Sundance Meiners-Rios | Video & Audio by Thomas Molash

Practices for General Stress Management

Positive Body Scan

Catch Your Breath

Find a Comfortable Rhythm

Change Your Vibes

  • Lovingkindness Audio (8:20)
  • Call up some loving-kindness to increase positive emotions like joy and contentment, and decrease self-criticism.

Ahhhhhhhhh...Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Grateful Heart


  • Name 5 Things Audio (6:58)
  • Interrupt cycles of overthinking and worry by getting out of your head and in to the world around you, using your 5 senses.

Walk off Your Stress

  • Walk off Your Stress Audio (11:50)
  • Guided walking meditation that helps interrupt overthinking about stuff that is usually unhelpful and just making your mood worse; helps you to be present in your day.