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Guided meditations & breathing practices on the go.

Welcome to Breathe!

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Breathe is a stress management resource, created purposely for Northwestern Undergraduate students, as well as Graduate & Professional students. In Breathe, you will find a variety of guided meditations and breathing practices to help you deal with stress. You may not be able to eliminate the stresses of life, but you can develop positive coping skills to reduce the negative impact on our mind, body, and spirit...decreasing perfectionism and self-criticism, as well as enhancing our confidence and wellbeing.

Sammy, the breathe mascot with a stress meter

What is Stress?

Video & Practices for General Stress Management
Calm Space

Build an imagine peaceful place in your mind that you can visit anytime you are stressed and need a break.

Positive Body Scan

Take a few minutes to tune in to your body and send it some appreciation and kindness.

Catch Your Breath

Diaphragmatic breathing to tap in to the body’s natural relaxation response

Find a Comfortable Rhythm

Learn a breath technique you can use in any situation to help you calm down

...And Many More Stress Relieving Practices

Practices to Relieve Stress
Sammy, the breathe mascot, imagining an F on a test

Test Anxiety

Video & Practices to Decrease Test Anxiety
Write It Out

Get rid of worries before the exam - A guided practice that clears out worries from the mind; research shows it has increased test performance by at least 5 points.

Walk Off Your Stress

Mindful walking helps to distract you from worrying and increase well-being as you are more present in the world around you rather than up in your head worrying about stuff that usually doesn’t happen.

Catch your Breath

This practice helps decrease the stress response so you can think more clearly and do better on your exam.

5 Minute Meditation

Research says 5 minutes of deep breathing will boost your exam scores, so chill out for a few minutes using this practice.

Practices to Help Decrease Test Anxiety
Sammy overwhelmed by how much work he is thinking of.

I'm Overwhelmed!

Video & Practices to Reduce Overwhelm
Don't Panic

Learn a breathing and mindfulness technique to help decrease symptoms of panic.

Stop and Hit the Reset Button

Take a mini-break from a stressful situation to regroup and keep your cool.

Soothing Moment

Offer yourself some kindness and compassion, soften perfectionism and self-criticism, and generally be your own best friend when you need a friend the most!


Interrupt cycles of overthinking and worrying by getting out of your head and in to the world around you, using your 5 senses.

Choose a Different Path

Struggling with a tough feeling? Use this practice to problem-solve ways to cope.

...And Many More Practices to Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed

Practices to Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed
Sammy sleeping in a bed


Video & Practices to Help You Fall Asleep
Yoga Nidra For Sleep

30 minute practice to do in bed, to help you fall asleep. The practice will also help you get back to sleep if you wake up and your mind starts chattering away.

Ahhhhhhhhh: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Take a journey through the body, relaxing tension out of the muscles, to help the body prepare for sleep.

3 Good Things

Boost your mood by naming 3 positive things that happened to you today; makes a great daily practice before bedtime.

Grateful Heart

Gratitude practices can increase positive feelings and help guide you towards sleep.

Leaves on a Stream

This practice helps interrupt the grip that anxious and worried thoughts have on your mind, which can help you prepare for more restful sleep.

...And Many More Practices to Help you Fall Asleep

Practices to Help you Fall Asleep