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Reporting to Police

Northwestern University encourages individuals to report incidents of sexual misconduct to University Police or local police. Timely reporting to the police is an important factor in successful investigation and prosecution of crimes, including sexual violence crimes, and may lead to the arrest of an offender or aid in the investigation of other incidents.

An individual who has experienced sexual misconduct has the right to choose whether to file a police report.  Filing a police report can result in the investigation of whether sexual violence or related crimes occurred and the prosecution of those crimes against a perpetrator. Reporting the incident to police or University Police does not mean an individual is obligated to testify in court.

The Northwestern University Police Department has officers who are specially trained to work with individuals reporting sexual violence.  Further, University Police has a written guarantee for sexual violence survivors that reflects its primary concern for survivors and emphasizes sensitivity and privacy. University Police can also assist in reviewing options with survivors and identifying and facilitating support resources related to:  

  • Seeking medical attention
  • Seeking support, advocacy and counseling services
  • Discussing legal options, including seeking protective orders from a court
  • Options under the University’s sexual misconduct investigation process

Reports of sexual misconduct made to University Police will automatically be reported to the Office of Equity regardless of whether the individual who experienced the sexual misconduct chooses to pursue criminal charges. 

Northwestern University Police Department

Evanston Campus: 1201 Davis Street, Evanston
Phone: (847) 491-3456 (24 hours)

Chicago Campus: 211 East Superior Street, Chicago
Phone: (312) 503-3456 (24 hours)

See the Northwestern University Police Department website for more information.

Evanston Police Department

Evanston Campus: 1454 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston
Phone: 911 or (847) 866-5000 (24 hours)

See the Evanston Police Department website for more information.

Chicago Police Department – 18th District (covers Chicago campus)

Chicago Campus: 1160 North Larrabee Ave., Chicago
Phone: 911 or (312) 744-4000 (24 hours)

See the Chicago Police Department website for more information.

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