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Help Someone Else

If someone you know within the Northwestern community has experienced sexual misconduct, we can help you help them.  Sometimes, the most valuable advice comes from someone the individual already trusts. Whether you’re a friend, roommate, parent, or concerned member of our faculty or staff, we can point you to resources that you can share, as well as provide support for you through the process.

1. Listen

2. Refer

3. Report, as required

All Northwestern employees, including student employees, are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct, unless they are confidential resources.

Do's and Don'ts

While you are not expected to act as a counselor, when you are with someone who has experienced sexual misconduct, you should be aware that the supportiveness of your response can be critical in the healing process. Though there is no one “right” way to respond, the following may serve as a guide identifying more or less helpful responses:



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