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Reporting to the University

Any individual may report alleged sexual misconduct to the Office of Equity. Reports to the Office of Equity may be made in person, by email, by regular mail, by phone, or electronically.

Individuals impacted by sexual misconduct may contact the Office of Equity to receive support, resources, and information even if they do not wish to move forward with a complaint process.  

There is no time limit for reporting an incident of sexual misconduct. However, the University encourages reports be made as soon as possible after the incident. The passing of time makes reviewing the evidence more difficult and the memories of involved parties may become less reliable. The Office of Equity reserves the right to investigate or otherwise address any report, regardless of when it is made, based on concern for the safety or well-being of the University community.

The staff identified below are specially trained to work with individuals who report or are accused of sexual misconduct and have knowledge about on- and off-campus resources, services, and options—including the availability of supportive measures.

Interim Title IX Coordinator

Contact:    Jessica Galanos

Location:  Office of Equity, 1800 Sherman, Suite 4-500, Evanston

Phone:      (614) 227-2341



Please Note:  The Office of Equity is not a confidential source of support. While they will address your complaint with sensitivity and will keep your information as private as possible, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. For confidential resources, please contact a Confidential Resource.

Reporting Obligation

All University employees (including student employees) are obligated to report incidents of sexual misconduct of which they become aware, unless they have a recognized confidentiality privilege. When reporting in your as a responsible employee, you may not report anonymously and must include your name and the names of any involved parties in your report.

Electronic and Anonymous Reporting

You may also file a complaint about sexual misconduct using the appropriate links below. While anonymous complaints are accepted, the University’s ability to investigate and respond to anonymous complaints is limited. When reporting in your role as a responsible employee, you may not report anonymously and must include your name and the names of any involved parties in your report.

To File a Report Electronically:

Individuals may use this form to electronically file a report of sexual misconduct with the Office of Equity: Northwestern University's Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.

An immediate auto-response email with information about resources and options will be sent in response to reports filed electronically.

Other University Reporting Options:

Ethics Point (Third party service for reporting complaints, including anonymous complaints, by phone or online): Northwestern University EthicsPoint.

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