Your Ride

How long does it take to get a ride?

Safe Ride wait times can vary widely based on a myriad of conditions from campus events to weather to call distribution. An average wait is about 10-15 minutes, but wait times tend to be longer in general on weekends, and nightly between 10pm and Midnight. During adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or extremely low temperatures wait times can be much longer, so plan accordingly. The average wait during a busy period is 20-25 minutes.

Where do I go for my pick-up?

Safe Ride always attempts to pickup as close to your location as we can. However, due to road access and safety concerns, some pickups may be a short distance away. For a list of locations and a campus pickup map please see our Pickup Locations page. If you are unsure about where to wait, or if you can't locate your driver, please don't hesitate to call our dispatcher at 847-491-7000.

What happens if I can’t make my ride?

If you know you can't make your ride, please let us know so that we can give another passenger a ride in your place. If you used TransLoc to call your ride, you can cancel through the app, but if you called the office, please call back to let the dispatcher know. If you miss your ride for any reason other than driver error, you'll have to schedule a new ride. (If you miss your ride due to driver error, call us - we'll do whatever we can to minimize your additional wait time.)

How will I know when my car arrives?

Safe Ride does not call you when your car arrives. The TransLoc app will send you a text message if you provided a phone number, but if you don't have cell service, you may not receive the message. Please be outside or within visual range of the pickup location at the time of your estimate.

Safe Ride vehicles are easy to spot: a white Prius with moving amber lights mounted on the roof. All of our cars are marked with Safe Ride logos and their own individual car number. If you don't see your car but you think it's arrived, call the dispatch office at 847-491-7000. Due to our demand, as well as rides being shared, we cannot keep other passengers waiting - your driver will only wait for three minutes before reporting you a no-show.

What do I do if I can't find my driver?
Give dispatch a call at 847-491-7000. They can communicate with your driver to make sure you’re able to meet up.
My phone died! Is my ride cancelled?
 Nope! You just won’t be able to receive notifications when your ride arrives, so you’ll have to be ready and waiting near your pickup. You may also want to call dispatch and request an ETA for your driver.
I think I left something in the car. Is there a lost and found?
Yes! It’s located in our office. If you just lost the item, be sure to make a note of your car number and/or driver’s name. Call dispatch at 847-491-7000 and describe in detail the item that you lost. If we have it, the dispatcher will help you arrange a pickup.