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Undergraduate Advising

Guidance and support while navigating undergraduate education

Northwestern Mission for Undergraduate Advising

The mission of the advising community at Northwestern is to empower undergraduates to achieve their academic and post-graduation goals. From academic advising within a college or school to research, fellowships, career and pre-health/pre-med to international student and identity-affirming support, the advising community helps undergraduates navigate their academic development and personal growth at Northwestern.

Students' Advice on Engaging in Advising

Current undergraduates share how important their academic advisers have been in connecting them to academic opportunities, helping to determine an academic path, and providing support beyond the classroom.

Hear advice from current undergraduates



ConnectNU is Northwestern’s online advising platform which places students within a network of the key campus members who support their success.  




Undergraduate Advising Offices

Northwestern undergraduates engage with expert advisers in their school/college and specialized offices that will help them navigate a range of choices and opportunities as they build their undergraduate career. 

Undergraduate Advising Offices