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Spring 2024
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Northwestern Travel and Entertainment Policy Update

Effective March 1, 2024, updates were made to the University's Travel and Entertainment Policy that includes feedback from the campus community and that is more user-friendly. 

Introducing a New Platform for iBuyNU

The current platform supporting iBuyNU is being discontinued by the vendor. Procurement worked with NUIT to find an alternative solution and selected Jaggaer as our new partner, starting July 2024. 

Household Relocation Moving Services Reminder

It is recommended that schools and departments working with new faculty or staff on their household relocation moves get their quotes 6-8 weeks in advance and work with the University's designated representatives.

New W-9 Form

There is a new version of the W-9 form available in NUPortal Supplier Registration and At the top-left corner of the form, it should be dated March 2024. Effective June 1, 2024, the newest version of the W-9 will be required. 

Amazon Prime Reminders

Northwestern has an Amazon Business Prime account that users can access through iBuyNU. All University purchases should be made through Amazon in iBuyNU or by using a corporate card that's been connected to the Business Prime membership account.

Introducing Guest Supply

We are excited to welcome Guest Supply as our preferred supplier for hospitality essentials, including bed linens, shower curtains, towels, toiletries, and more. Users can shop all available items by clicking on 'My Order Guide' at the top of the screen in iBuyNU.

Truck Rental Option Available Through Enterprise Rental Program

Faculty, staff, and students groups have the ability to rent a vehicle through the Northwestern Vehicle Rental Program. The Mount Prospect Commercial Truck location has now been added to the program to streamline the process when a truck needs to be rented.

Computer Hardware Standards

Our computer hardware contracts with Dell and Lenovo (through CDWG) in iBuyNU are designed for Northwestern to receive the best discounts on our established configuration standards. Custom units can still be ordered with a discount from either vendor, however, standard units are more deeply discounted.

Amazon Purchases of Computers 

Amazon should not be utilized to purchase computers or computer hardware. Northwestern acquires business-grade machines from suppliers like Dell or Lenovo/CDWG, ensuring high quality and superior warranties.

Regular Features

Existing Contract Updates
Update to preferred vendor options for printing services

Contracts We're Working On
Includes laundry equipment & maintenance for student housing, Travel partner RFP, and more.

Travel Related Updates
New Enterprise Affinity Program, booking small group travel through Egencia, and more.

Sustainability Highlight

Northwestern installed new electric vehicle charging stations on the Chicago campus, placed in the Huron Superior and Erie Ontario parking garages.

Small Business Spotlight

We are refreshing the Wildcard Advantage Program to include local and diverse businesses with current promotions.

Tax Exemption to Vendors

Suppliers may ask for Northwestern's tax exemption certificate when a department or school makes a purchase from that supplier. Please review the process to submit this request to

Dell Return Policy

Dell has recently started to strictly enforce their return policy. Returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

CDWG Return Policy

CDWG’s return policy requires that returns be initiated within 30 days of receipt of the product. Items damaged in transit should be returned within 15 days.

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