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Sasha M.

Assistant Director

I am Sasha (she/her), an Assistant Director in MSA since October 2022. In my role, I have the incredible opportunity to create events and programs that celebrate the richness and diversity of Black culture. Additionally, I'm passionate about nurturing the growth of Black student leaders and ensuring the smooth functioning of The Black House.  

I am originally from Queens, New York; my family eventually moved to Charlotte, North Carolina (a queen through and through). While I initially pursued a path toward becoming a speech-language pathologist at East Carolina University during my undergraduate years, my trajectory shifted as I became more involved in addressing anti-Blackness and student development in higher education through the lens of my own experiences. My passions encompass Black diasporic archival projects, creativity, and love. Outside of my work, you'll find me reading, embracing the role of a tourist in Chicago, and engaging in fun conversations about pop culture.