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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a program for faculty and staff, is a network of services, including free and confidential short-term counseling, to help you and your household family members cope with everyday life issues. Professional counselors can help you with:

The program provides you with counseling sessions with a local, licensed counselor . 10 sessions are provided for each life issue that arises. For assistance contact 855-547-1851, 24/7. You can also access the service online (Username: northwestern, Password: eap).

Note: If you'd like to work with a counselor who specializes in working with a specific demographic or expertise area, include this in your request. Doing do will result in a short delay of up to 3 days in receiving a referral.

If at any point you experience barriers or difficulties with utilizing EAP service contact for assistance.

Additional resources and services

You can access hundreds of useful articles, tip sheets and checklists by logging on to (Username: northwestern, Password: eap). These helpful resources focus on a variety of important topics, including COVID-19, worklife balance, time management, life in the workplace, health and wellness and legal and financial issues. You can also access:

To access the above resources and services, enter Username: northwestern and Password: eap when logging in. Resources and services are also available to household family members.

About the EAP

Who can use the Employee Assistance Program?

Any faculty, staff, and their household family members may use the EAP.

Are these services confidential?

All services are confidential in accordance with applicable laws. The university receives program usage data in aggregate. No identifying information is provided.

Who pays?

The University assumes all costs for use the Employee Assistance Program for all faculty and staff and their household family members. If additional assistance is necessary, referrals will take into account your preferences, medical plan, and financial circumstances. (Please refer to the Northwestern University Office of Human Resources for specific plan provisions.) No personal individual information will be shared with the University without your written consent. All of our programs and services are strictly confidential.

For more information

Call 855-547-1851 or log on to: (Username: northwestern, Password: eap)