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Listed below are answers to commonly asked questions about the YourLife Wellness Grants program. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact with your question(s).

Are certain types of activities prioritized (i.e. team/workplace wellness)?

No. We encourage you to submit applications based on the needs that are best suited for your school, department, or unit.

Can more than one person from my department submit a grant application?


How long does it take to find out whether my grant application was accepted for funding?

It typically takes 5 weeks to receive notification. Final notification varies each quarter. Please visit Wellness Grants and review the “Timeline” section.

How many grants will be awarded?

A total of $500 is available each quarter. The number of grants awarded will vary based on the number of applications and request amounts.

If my department is awarded a grant, can we apply again in the next cycle?

Yes. We are happy to consider applications that propose a new initiative.

If we are awarded a grant, how long will it take to receive the funds and/or materials?

Time will vary. Once awarded the grant, the YourLife Wellness Coordinator will contact you to discuss purchasing the materials and/or paying for the services requested.

If we are not awarded a grant but wish to create a wellness space, do we need to consult with YourLife prior to doing so?

No. However if you would like guidance or best practice tips, you are welcome to contact

If we ask for fitness or similar equipment, do we get to keep it when the grant period ends?

Yes. If for any reason your school, department or unit becomes unable to house the equipment, please contact, as the equipment can be donated to another school, department or unit.

If we don’t use the entire amount of the grant, can we use the remaining amount in the future?

No. Any leftover monies will go back into the Wellness Grants program fund.

Is there an in-person interview as well as the written application?

No. The online application is the only requirement, however you may be contacted if any clarifying information is required. The follow-up discussion may take place via phone call.

What happens if my application is not accepted? Can I reapply next quarter?

You will be notified if you application is not accepted. Yes, you can reapply the following quarter.

What’s the difference between a wellness room and break room?

A wellness room is specifically for wellness purposes, such as meditation or physical activity. Food is not to be allowed in a wellness room, unless for a specified wellness activity or event.

Who can submit a grant application?

Any part-time or full-time faculty or staff member.

Who reviews the application?

The YourLife Wellness Coordinator and a sub-committee from the Wellness Champions committee.

Will YourLife signage be provided to identify the space? For example: ‘This wellness room was funded by YourLife’.

Yes. The cost for signage will not be deducted from awarded grant monies.