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Mahito Henderson

Ireland Fellowship

Mahito Indi Henderson (SoC '20) is headed to Ireland to earn a master's degree in creative writing.
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Maya Ben-Shahar

Iowa Filmmaking Grant

Maya Ben-Shahar (TGS '21) is part of a filmmaking team that just secured a large production grant.
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Coro Fellowship

James Crisafulli (WCAS '20) is headed to Los Angeles for the public affairs training provided by the Coro Fellowship.

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Bevy Daniel cropped

James Dunn Fellowship

Bevy Daniel (SESP '20) will work for the governor's office next year in Springfield, Illinois.

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Sarah Eisenman

ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship

Sarah Eisenman (WCAS '22) has won a grant to conduct an independent research project in Switzerland.

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