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Create Folders

Creating new folders for images, documents and webpages will help to keep information organized within Cascade. Folders that show in the top or side navigation are added to create hierarchy to the site navigation. They also provide a clean and comprehensive way for your visitors to navigate your site.

  1. Go to the site that you want to add a new folder to. Locate and click on the folder where you wish to place the new folder. For example, click on the images folder to create a subsection for your images.  
  2. In Cascade’s top header, locate and click Add Content option and select Folder. This will open a new folder form within the main Cascade window.
  3. The fields available in the folder form are similar to the page fields. Make sure that you have the correct Placement Folder, and enter a Title for the folder.  Make sure the title is short and in title case. You can also enter a Display Name for the folder. It will show in the navigation everywhere. Similar to the webpage, folder Display Name will default to folder Title.
  4. Once you have named the folder, locate and click the Submit button. This will take you to a screen where a confirmation message Asset created successfully is displayed.

An index page is automatically created when you create a new folder. Be sure to edit the index page. Think of the index page as the new folder’s home page. Delete this index file if you wish to use the folder for saving images and documents. For images and documents folders, we typically upload a blank lain text file named index.html so the browsers do not display the directory content list.