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Women's Studies Program Entry

Undergraduate Catalog entry for Women's Studies 

An ad-hoc committee of women faculty and grad students formed in 1969 (it would later become the Organization of Women Faculty in 1981), and a Women’s Studies Residential College was established in Allison Hall in 1976. But it was not until 1980 that women’s studies entered the academic curriculum--as a certificate program in Weinberg, coordinated by the Program on Women. It offered three courses, while recommending related courses in philosophy, sociology history, and literature. In 1991, the University made its first faculty appointments in the program; in 1992, Women's Studies awarded its first graduate certificate; and in 1993, the program became a Department, offering a major in Women’s Studies. The Department was renamed Gender Studies in 2000, and Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2012.

Catalog entry