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Take Action

We work everyday to make Northwestern a greener, more sustainable campus. But we can’t do it alone. A meaningful, lasting impact requires the participation of our entire campus community. Even small, everyday choices – like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store – make a big difference if we all commit. Get involved, rally your friends and colleagues, and help us make sustainable living a central piece of our campus culture.

How to help

Everyone on campus can participate. Join us at events, lead the recycling efforts in your office, or make a commitment to reduce energy use. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Live Green: Is there any other way to live?
  • Recycle: Campus recycling saves over 690 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually (equaling the emissions from 604 cars). Learn more about what you can recycle and where to do it.
  • Conserve Energy: Learn how you can easily reduce your energy usage.
  • Save Water: Why you should make an effort to limit your water usage.
  • Travel Sustainably: Information and options to "ride green."
  • Eat Locally: Tips and suggestions of where to eat.
  • Purchase Consciously: Learn tips and ideas for eco-friendly purchasing practices.
  • Be an Eco-Rep: Inform, engage, and lead fellow students to life a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Take the Green Pledge: Commit to making small, sustainable choices in your daily life. President Schapiro took the pledge. Have you?
  • Certify your space: Do you make conscious decisions to live and work sustainably? Be proud! Fill our online checklist and let everyone know your residence or office is certifiably “green.”
  • Join a student group: Meet new people, learn new things, and grow our campus community.
  • Volunteer: Donate your time and help make our campus and Evanston more eco-friendly.

Be sure to check out the Green Living Guide to learn more about what you can do to sustainNU!