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Celebrating Earth Month at Northwestern

May 17, 2017
April was a big month for Mother Earth at Northwestern. The campus community celebrated the planet with events and exhibits focused on waste, climate, environmental justice, transportation, food, energy, and resource conservation.
Take it or leave it

Start the Summer Sustainably – Donate, Recycle, or Store Your Stuff

May 18, 2017
The end of the academic year is rapidly approaching, and students who graduate or leave for the summer often find they have many things that they do not want to take with them. Northwestern is working to reduce the number of unwanted items that end up in landfills by providing easy ways to donate, recycle, or store everything from bikes and electronics to clothing and packaged foods.
steam trap

Full Steam Ahead for Energy Efficiency

May 18, 2017
Every year, Northwestern uses over 1 billion pounds of steam to heat buildings and water, run kitchen equipment, and more. Improvements to the system that distributes the steam have cut energy costs by $2 million dollars annually. It was all thanks to an effort to repair and maintain components known as steam traps.
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