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Welcome to Freshmen

We trust that you and your student are eagerly anticipating your first year at Northwestern University. You may also have questions about student accounts, billing, payments, financial aid and student loans. Our Student Financial Services counselors are available to address your concerns from 8:30am to 5:00pm (CST) Monday through Friday. Although we will be your primary contact for general financial inquiries, we may occasionally refer you to the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, the Student Loan Office, the Office of Student Accounts or another department to provide you with best possible service.

As you may already be aware, your student will receive an email notification (at their official Northwestern University email address) by August 11th once their Fall quarter invoice is available on CAESAR, Northwestern’s online student system. The statement will provide an itemized list of the Fall quarter charges (tuition, fees, room & board) and credits (deposits/payments). The amount you are responsible to pay by September 1st is the “Adjusted Balance Due.”

If your student is receiving financial aid, the invoice will also list as “Anticipated Aid” the Fall quarter credits for any expected grants, scholarships or loans. (Note: Federal Work Study will not appear on the invoice because these funds are paid directly to the student as they are earned.) You do not need to pay the amount that is covered by “Anticipated Aid.”

Northwestern’s Student Financial Regulations (Evanston Handbook) may be accessed as a PDF. If your student has not yet provided you with “Guest Access” to CAESAR, here are detailed instructions.

When the first tuition invoices are issued we will do our utmost to accommodate the high volume of phone calls and emails we receive in response. However, there may be delays in addressing your inquiries. We ask for your patience and assure you that there will be time to correct any billing discrepancies.

We look forward to working with you during the coming academic year.

Best regards,

Student Financial Services

For more information email or call (847) 491-8950.