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Welcome to the Parents of Freshmen

Dear Parent,

Once again we are happy to welcome you and your student to Northwestern! In addition to the information previously shared concerning Guest Access and Billing Methods, we are writing today with more detail about the Fall quarter bill, which was recently generated, as well as some important financial regulation information.

About Your Student’s Bill

In a few days, an email will be sent to your student's official Northwestern email address announcing that the bill is available for viewing online. If your student has not already set you up with Guest Access, we strongly encourage you to remind him/her to do so. Once guest access is set up, you will also receive billing notifications at the email associated with your guest account. More importantly, guest access serves as permission from your student for Northwestern Staff to assist you directly with questions about the bill.

The bill includes an itemized statement of the Fall quarter charges (tuition, fees, room and board) and credits (deposits and payments). If your student is receiving financial aid, the invoice will also list as “Anticipated Aid” the Fall quarter credits for any expected grants, scholarships or loans (Federal Work Study will not appear on the invoice because these funds are paid directly to the student as they are earned). You should pay the amount shown as the “Adjusted Balance Due.”

See About Your Bill for more details about billing, and Understanding Your Online Bill for an interactive look at the bill itself. Payment Methods describes the available methods for paying the bill, and Payment Due Dates lists the due dates for each quarter’s bill. Visit Student Health Insurance for information on mandatory insurance coverage.

Student Financial Regulations

The Student Financial Regulations brochure provides information about financial regulations that apply to Northwestern students. It includes details about your student’s financial obligations to the University, tuition and fees, payments, refund policies, and other financial policies that are important to understand. Please review this document carefully and let us know if you have questions.

Important Dates

Contact Us

The Student Financial Services Web Site contains a wealth of information about all aspects of the financial process at Northwestern, including billing, financial aid, and student loans. The Student Financial Services team at Northwestern is also glad to assist with any questions you may have:

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