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Guest Access for Parents and Others

Due to the federal law known as FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, parents and others may not access a student's account or financial information without the student's authorization.

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This section explains how the student can:

1) Authorize guests into areas of your student account                 

And once the student has provided authorization how parents and other guests can:

2) Use Guest Center menu items provided by your student            

Having trouble logging into CAESAR?

3) Instructions for clearing Cache and help with GuestID or Password

1) Students: Authorize guests into areas of your student account

  • Policy: Northwestern University may share specific information about your student account only after you indicate your permission by providing guest access. You may also authorize parents or others to make payments on your behalf with guest access.
  • Process: Add each individual to the Guest Center in CAESAR (login to CAESAR with NetID and password> Main Menu> Manage Guest Access)

    • GuestID is supplied by CAESAR.
    • Fill in the Last Name, First Name, Relationship and E-mail fields.
    • Create an Authorization Phrase (pick something easy for your guest to remember, but hard for others to guess). The guest will use this phrase (on the phone, for example) when speaking with Student Accounts staff, who may then share specific information about the student account.
    • Create a Password (pick something easy for your guest to remember, but hard for others to guess) at least six characters long, including at least one digit. Guest ID and Password are used for CAESAR login.
      If your guest loses or forgets the Password you create you can reset it: return to your Guest list, edit the Guest and click the Reset Password link. You will be prompted to create a new Password which you haven't already used.
    • Authorize your guest to any of the following menu items:
      • View My Account: see real-time, daily account updates;

        View or Pay Tuition Bill: view the monthly tuition bill online and make secure online payments;

        9PAY: Apply for 9PAY (installment plan) & Make 9PAY Payment;
      • 1098-T: view or print 1098-T statement;
      • Make Deposit for Tuition / Housing (non-refundable): confirms that a newly admitted student applicant intends to attend classes and/or reside in university housing; this credit applies toward the respective tuition and/or housing charge, and is only used before receiving a monthly tuition bill.
    • Your guest will receive the Guest ID via e-mail, but you must communicate the case-sensitive Password to them.

2) Parents and other guests: Use Guest Center menu items provided by your student

  • Policy: As noted above, you may access a student's account only after your student has provided authorization by giving you Guest access.
  • Process: After your student sets up your Guest access, you will receive the Guest ID via e-mail; your student must communicate the Password to you. Login to CAESAR with GuestID and password> Home> and select an item from the choices provided by your student.
  • You will see: 

    After the first successful login Consent for release of information is displayed.

    Check> I agree to the policy above, then Click> Submit.

    Guest Consent

    After submitting your Consent, the Guest Center menu provided by your student is displayed.

    In the purple bar at the top Click> Home at any time to return to this menu.

    The next time you log in you will see this menu.

    Guest Home

3) Trouble logging into CAESAR?

  • See instructions for allowing third-party cookies and clearing Cache on several browsers. Third-party cookies are used on payment pages. Note: If you are using more than one web browser (e.g. Firefox and Safari), please clear the cache on both browsers.
  • A guest may reset the Password or retrieve a forgotten GuestID by going to the CAESAR login page and clicking: Trouble logging in?> I am the parent or guardian of a student> Proceed to reset your password.