TapRide Application

student getting a ride from SafeRide

Before you Begin:

Setting up the TapRide app:

  • Open the TapRide app and select the 'Northwestern University' location from the dropdown screen. When prompted login using your NetID and password.

Setting Pick-up and Drop-off Locations:

  • Tap the rectangle that says 'Choose Pick-up Location'. The app will then prompt you to either 'Hold Map on Pick-up Location' or you can select the pencil icon to type in your pick-up address. If you choose to hold the map, simply press and hold on the map the specific location where you would like to be picked up. When a pick-up location is selected, it will be reflected in the rectangle labeled 'A'. Repeat these steps for your drop-off location in the rectangle labeled 'B'. After you have selected a pick-up and drop-off location, select the number of riders, up to 3. The final step is to click 'Submit Ride'.

Catching your Ride:

  • When your ride is submitted, it enters the queues of nearby drivers. Your app will display 'Waiting for available drivers' until a driver accepts your ride request. Once a driver has accepted your ride, your app will notify you that 'Your Ride is on the way' and give you an estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • You can monitor your driver with your app, as a yellow vehicle icon, which will appear on your map once a driver has accepted your ride.
  • Drivers also have a 'Honk' feature that will send you an alert when they have arrived to your location. Drivers will only wait 3 minutes from your given ETA before leaving, so be sure to be ready and waiting at the time your ride is scheduled.


  • Drivers reserve the right to cancel rides, in accordance to Safe Ride policies and regulations. If a driver cancels your ride for any reason, you will receive a notification indicating the ride is canceled and why.
  • As a rider, you may also cancel your ride right from your app by selecting the 'Cancel Ride' button.