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Current Exhibit

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Oya: Borders of History

By Hale Ekinci


Referencing the tradition of oya (narrow lace trimmings used as edging on headdresses of women and household textiles in the Middle East), the exhibition explores transcultural communication and translation—translation of culture, identity, tradition, and gendered labor. Both oya and ornamentation hold symbolic meaning that is used as secret communication by their creators—mainly women. Similar to the construction of identity, through an additive process of embedding symbols and densely layered imagery, Oya: Borders of History showcases painted and embroidered colorful family portraits. The obscured portraits play with the malleability of identity and cultural representation while combining disparate domestic and fine arts materials, aesthetic traditions, and women’s work.


Exhibit Dates: January 9th to February 9th, 2020

Upcoming Exhibit

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Images of My Experiences

By Eduin Fraga


Eduin Fraga's intention is to represent the complex realities of daily experience in Cuba. His work focuses on social themes and uses mixed media collage with acrylic, charcoal and other materials. It is a unique form of art that includes article excerpts and images from various Cuban and American newspapers on canvas or cardboard as a means of capturing dynamic fragments of the societies in which he lives. Through this approach, he tries to create within each painting an historical register of past events, processes, and experiences that have shaped society today.


Opening Reception: Thursday, February 13th, 4-6pm

Exhibit Dates: February 13th to March 18th, 2020