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Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

 The success of the One Book One Northwestern reading selection led to the formation of the Native American and Indigenous Peoples Steering Group, which worked during the 2016–17 academic year to sustain the momentum and interest in Native and Indigenous people, history and culture. In addition, a temporary, one-year staff position was created in the Office of the President to help support the group and advise Northwestern on its broader efforts moving forward. In 2017, oversight of this work shifted to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. That year, the office hired a senior program coordinator for Native American and Indigenous Initiatives to help lead and coordinate the work across the University.  OIDI now oversees the implementation of University-wide initiatives around Native American and Indigenous inclusion. 

 OIDI Native American & Indigenous Initiatives


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  • Knowledge- support academic and research opportunities that promote the recentering and advancement of Indigenous knowledge
    • Example projects: 30 Days of Indigenous: Native American Heritage Month programming; Indigenous Lecture & Writing Series (ILWS) in partnership with University of Illinois Chicago; Supported hosting of inaugural Advancing Indigenous Research gathering; Support Teaching Lodge project led by the Indigenous Graduate Student Collective (IGSC)
  • People- develop opportunities for community building and support the creation of pathways for current and future Northwestern students, faculty, staff and alumni
    • Example projects: Host annual Native American & Indigenous Welcome Reception; Annual Native American and Indigenous Community Celebration in spring; Attend annual American Indian Science and Engineering National Conference as exhibitor