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Northwestern is a community of learners situated within a network of historical and contemporary relationships with Native American tribes, communities, parents, students, and alumni. At Northwestern, we seek to create spaces where Native American and Indigenous people are heard, their identities are honored, and they can be successful members of Northwestern as well as good tribal and community citizens.

Northwestern is committed to enhancing inclusion of Native Americans in many aspects of the University community. The Office of the Provost is leading the initiative on Native American Inclusion and reviewing and responding to recommendations of the Task Force, as well as stimulating additional ideas and directions through conversations across the University. The mission of this site is to provide updated information on the ongoing progress of this initiative.  It additionally serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and community interested in teaching about Native American and Northwestern University history and the Sand Creek Massacre. The John Evans Study Committee Report, completed in May 2014, and the Native American Outreach and Inclusion Task Force Report, released in November 2014, provided valuable research, analysis, insight and recommendations to the President and Provost.