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For the latest news about the law school’s reunion weekend, set for Oct. 25 and 26, check out the Reunion 2002 Web site at www.law.northwestern.edu/alumni or call 312-503-8494.

The annual John Henry Wigmore Club Dinner, honoring members of the law school’s giving society, will be held at the Metropolitan Club in the Sears Tower and features a program on the business of sports. On that Friday members of the class of 1952 and earlier classes will gather for a luncheon and later that evening with other alumni at the Reunion Bar Review at the Cru Wine Bar on Chicago’s Near North Side. Faculty and students will join alumni at Saturday’s brunch at the Bluhm Legal Clinic, and all reunion classes will celebrate Saturday evening at individual reunion class dinners throughout the law school.

Also on Oct. 25 the law school will hold a memorial to honor Raoul Berger (L35, H88), one of the nation’s leading authorities and most prolific commentators on the U.S. Constitution and legal history. Stephen Presser, Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History, hosts the program, which will include speeches from several high-profile guests on Berger’s influence on U.S. law.

Last May law alumni in Chicago and New York City pondered the legal ramifications of the Enron Corp. collapse when David S. Ruder, William W. Gurley Memorial Professor of Law, presented Lessons from Enron: Where Were the Gatekeepers? Ruder, former dean of the law school and a faculty member since 1961, served as chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1987 to 1989. He also testified before the U.S. Senate last February about the problems raised by the Enron debacle.

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