Residency Requirement

Northwestern University has implemented a residency requirement for all incoming first and second year undergraduate students beginning with the Fall 2017 quarter. This institution-wide initiative will support social and academic transitions.
Who is required to live on campus?

All admitted 1st year students are required to live on campus for two years.

Are transfer students also required to live on campus?

Transfer students will be offered the opportunity to live on campus but will not be required to do so.

May I request an exception to the residency requirement?

Yes. A committee comprised of various university offices will review any request for an exception to the residency requirement. Exceptions considered are typically for medical or psychological conditions, financial reasons, family, age, or other situations. The request process for residency requirement exceptions will be available April 1 – May 31, 2018. Please click below for more information and to submit your request:

Housing Accommodation and Exception Policy

How is a housing accommodation request different from a housing exception request?

Housing accommodation requests ordinarily are related to a medical or psychological condition that a student has and may necessitate an alteration to the living environment, inclusion of a particular room feature or configuration, or food needs in order for the student to participate in on-campus housing. 

Where can I submit a housing accommodation or exception request?

Follow the link below for more information related to our Housing Accommodation and Exception Policy page and to submit an accommodation or exception request.

Housing Accommodation and Exception Policy

How long after a request has been submitted will the committee respond?

Accommodation and exception requests will be answered within 4 weeks.  Students should check their Northwestern email account for responses.