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Faces of Pride

A Queer Photo-Storytelling Initiative

In 2022 as student provided feedback for what they wanted to see in this next chapter of the GSRC, there was a clear request for photos and artifacts of queer northwestern history. After a summer of scouring univeristy archives and queer archival community resources some pieces were found but it was very clear LOTS was not included.

The history of persecution and lack of safety helps paint the picture and context to why so little was found in the way of pictures of students and community life for LGBTQIA+ student even though there is evidence of our out existence as far back as the 70's. 

In this next chapter, The GSRC is launching the Faces of Pride Initiate to better capture and tell the stories of today for the generations of queer community that will come! This is where we need your help! We will be collecting photos all year long! Photos will be highlighted on the GSRC's instagram and in our physical space. At the end of the academic year, all photos will be submitted to Northwestern Archives to help begin to better tell the story of LGBTQIA+ student life at Northwestern! Each quarter a raffle will take place of all submitted photos for a chance to win a giftcard!

Photo Submission Options

In Person: Visiting the GSRC and want to add a pic to the Faces of Pride Board? Ask GSRC staff for our GSRC Polaroid and take a selfie or group pic. Add your NU email to the back of the pic to be entered into our quarterly raffle!

Virtual Submission: Took a picture of you and your friends at the GSRC or another queer event on campus? Email the pic to or DM us the pic on instagram @gsrc_NU (submitted photos will be printed and added to the in-person board). All submitting could toward the GSRC's quarterly raffle!


Other ways to help build our community story:

Make Your Mark Initiative (Student Group Submissions)

Make Your Mark Logo



In 2019, Northwestern University Archives launched a project to help Northwestern undergraduate Residential Colleges and student organizations archive their records as part of their everyday workflow and ultimately deposit them with the University Archives for long-term preservation and access. By participating in this project, you ensure the authentic student voice is captured, preserve your group's legacy and impact on campus, and guarantee your successors can access and learn from your experiences on campus. Get started with the toolkit at

Donating Materials (Alumni and students submissions)

The University Archives accepts materials from students, student groups and NU alumni. These materials shed light on student life and on the academic experience at NU, and they help us complete our holdings of student- and University-produced publications. Learn more about today to the archives on their website.