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IDEA Education and Training

Our Approach

Our approach is innovative and evidence-based, employing experiential learning, participatory methods, and transformative dialogue to create engaging and impactful educational experiences. We empower learners to critically examine their own experiences and those of others. Drawing from diverse theoretical frameworks, including Queer Theory, Feminist Studies, and Postcolonial Theory, we inform our programs and initiatives with depth and nuance.

Through workshops, training sessions, and collaborative projects, we strive to enhance student, faculty, and staff engagement with IDEA principles. Our aim is to shift the perception of diversity from a challenge to an opportunity, creating spaces where individuals can express and act from their whole, authentic selves. We cultivate a university culture that upholds self-determination, collective dignity, communal responsibility, and individual accountability.

Whether you're a student, faculty member, or staff, our team is here to help you actualize your vision for joy and liberation. Together, we integrate IDEA principles into the very fabric of Northwestern University, serving as a catalyst for meaningful cultural change on campus and beyond.