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Scope of Services

  • The Chicago CAPS office provides a variety of services for full-time/degree-seeking graduate and professional students whose programs are located on Northwestern University’s Chicago Campus.
  • CAPS invites eligible students to make an Initial Care Plan Meeting to speak with one of our counselors to discuss their concerns.
  • Part-time students and students not enrolled in a degree-seeking program are not eligible for therapy services at CAPS but may request Referral Support.
  • Chicago CAPS uses a short-term treatment model for individual therapy and group therapy and services are tailored to best meet each students’ need.
  • If students’ needs are best suited to longer-term therapy or specialized care, CAPS will provide support in connecting to the appropriate resources. See Referral Support for additional information.
  • Psychiatric services at CAPS are only available to those students who are in concurrent short-term individual therapy at CAPS. To read more about the scope of psychiatric services at CAPS, click here.