• Picture of Conner Vander Beek
    Conner VanderBeek, BSOM/WCAS 2015, is NU's 2014 Beinecke Brothers Scholar. He plans to study Music Composition and Ethnomusicology at the graduate level and dissolve barriers between musical genres, musical cultures, and notions of performance.
  • Picture of Andrew Peters
    Andrew Peters, a Feinberg medical student specializing in Neurolinguistics, is named a 2014 Luce Scholar. Peters will be given a professional and cultural experience while placed in a 10-month internship in East or Southeast Asia where he plans to conduct neurolinguistic research
  • Pang Image
    Edward Pang, MEAS 2015, is NU's 2014 Barry M. Goldwater Scholar. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. He hopes to conduct research in energy-efficient materials and eventually, teach at the university level.
  • Chelsea and Rhaina Image
    Northwestern adds two new Marshall Scholarship recipients in 2013: Chelsea Glenn, WCAS 2013 (pictured left) and Rhaina Cohen, WCAS 2014 (pictured right). Chelsea, an Economics/International Studies major, will study economic development at the University of Oxford and global deve
  • Mills Image
    Jennifer Mills, WCAS 2013, was selected as a Marshall Scholar as a senior. A triple major in earth and planetary science, in chemistry and in integrated science, with a minor in physics, Jenny plans to study and work at the forefront of climate science at the University of Cambri
  • Smierciak Image
    Sarah Smierciak, WCAS 2011, was selected as a Rhodes Scholar the year of her graduation; she will pursue a Masters of Philosophy in development studies at Oxford University.
  • Linzer and Wertz Image
    Jacob Wertz, SESP '09 (left) was a recipient of the 2013 Building Excellent Schools Fellowship. The fellowship will support Jacob’s efforts to design, build, and lead a charter public school in Los Angeles with a generous stipend and support for travel to over 5 months of intensi
  • UK Women Image
    (From left to right) Priyanka Bose, WCAS 2011, will study creative advertising as a Fulbright student at Falmouth University; Cindy Solomon, MEAS 2013; will study in bioengineering at the University of Nottingham as a Whitaker International Fellow; Sarah Graber, COMM 2005, has de
  • Soros Fellows Image
    NU 2012 Soros Fellow Victor Roy, Feinberg (center left) and NU 2011 Soros Fellow Samir Mayekar, Kellogg (center right) with Provost Daniel Linzer (left) and Soros Director Stanley J. Heginbotham.
  • Gruen Image
    Andrew Gruen, Medill 2007, received the Gates Cambridge Scholarship one year after his graduation. The following year, he nabbed a Henry Luce Scholarship to South Korea.
  • Carson Image
    Tracy Carson, WCAS 2004, received the Marshall Scholarship to Oxford University as a senior and was awarded the Fulbright Grant to South Africa in 2007 to study the role of strikes and boycotts in the struggle against apartheid during the 1970s and 80s.
  • Bejan Image
    Cristina Bejan, COMM 2004, won the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford in 2004. As an alumna, Cristina was awarded the Fulbright Grant to Romania in 2007.

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